Remaking the Wizards in 5 minutes

Heres an interesting off season scenario the wizards could pull off.  It'd shake the makeup of the team but add some talent.  Tell me who would say no to these trades.


First thing,

Send Etan Thomas, Nick Young, and the 18th pick to New York for Eddy Curry, and Mardy Collins/Wilson Chandler/Renaldo Balkman (whichever the knicks will give up, all their salaries work just the same)


Then, send Haywood and Dominic Mcguire to Seattle for Nick Collison


That leaves a line up of

Curry, Blatche, Collison, Songaila, Pecherov,

Jamison, Butler, Balkman/Chandler/Collins

Arenas, Daniels, Stevenson, 

Plus our second round pick and possibly our midlevel or the other exception we have (biannual?)

With this lineup, we'd need to add a 4th guard and a probably a wingman, depending on who the knicks send over and if they develop.  If they would send balkman or chandler, both of those have the potential to be the defensive guy we need on the wing.

Offensively, i dont know if anyone could stop arenas, stevenson, butler, jamison, and curry with collison and an improved blatche coming off the bench along with AD.  Thats a really talented 8 deep, not including anyone we sign and songaila, who played major minutes for us this year

Bringing in curry obviously downgrades our defense, as haywood was one of the bright spots.  Theres nothing to refute that and at times our defense will be atrocious.

 But when our defense is at its worst means curry is in and our offense is at its best.  Hes struggled in the past but i feel too many expectations have been heaped on him.  Hes probably never gonna start rebounding or playing defense like he should

But, here hed only be the 4th option and could be used primarily for scoring.  The presence of blatche and collison behind him taking off a lot of the pressure and he could just focus on scoring.  Would he be able to give us 14 pts in only 25 minutes?  He almost did this year on that dysfunctional team.



This trade shakes things up a lot while still retaining our core.  Acquiring eddy curry is always debatable because of how bad he is at defense and rebounding, but i think in the right scenario his flaws could be minimalized and his skills utilized.  

All these trades should work out, ,i checked them on the espn trade machine (substitute pecherov for our pick this year, its the same cap hold), the collison trade i couldnt do because this year he is a base year compensation player, but i believe he should be done with that this offseason and it would work.

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