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Go Pistons?


Now were down to the final four in the NBA Playoffs, and there are 4 former Bullet/Wizards left in the playoff chase.  As you can probably deduce from the title of the post as well as the logo right above the paragraph, all four players are members of the Pistons.  Rasheed Wallace, Juan Dixon, Jarvis Hayes, and Richard Hamilton were all drafted by Detroit's AAA affiliate Washington, but eventually found greener pastures in the Motor City.  How come Detroit always get our treasures while we always get their trash?

If rooting for former players isn't the way you like to decide who to root for, or if you just don't want to root for the Pistons, here some other ways to pick a team to root for.

  • The "root for the the team that beat the team that beat us" method.  Team to root for: Boston.
  • The "root for the team with best uniforms" method.  Team to root for: Los Angeles or Boston, depending on your tastes.
  • The "Let's ride the anti-bandwagon!" method.  Team to root for: San Antonio.
  • The "Hey, if they win, then we can say that we beat them three times!" method.  Team to root for: Boston.
  • The "I'm rooting for the team with the team with the player that looks the most like Fabio" method.  Team to root for: Detroit.  Just look at a photo of Walter Hermann, seriously.
  • The "Let's root for them because they gave us Caron Butler for practically nothing!" method.  Team to root for: Los Angeles.  Thanks again Mitch!
  • The "Thanks for taking Tony Parker with the last pick of the first round, ensuring that Gilbert Arenas would be drafted in the second round, opening the door for him to sign a new deal after only two seasons in the NBA" method.  Team to root for: San Antonio.
  • The "Let's go with whatever teams Jake doesn't pick, because he can't predict anything right" method.  Teams to root for: Los Angeles, Detroit, or San Antonio.