Songaila Suspended

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I'm with everyone in saying the suspension is pretty silly.  From what Ivan said, though, it sounds like Songaila just took the fall for DeShawn's so-called dirty flagrant in Game 1.  Any little thing would have been a suspension.

It's a ridiculous decision, but instead of crying sour grapes, I'm curious to see what happens now to our frontcourt depth.  Behind Haywood, all we have now is Andray Blatche, who has struggled in this series.  We need Haywood to come up big tonight, otherwise, we're in big trouble.


for game 6.

this is going a little bit overboard. the flagrant was a so-so call, but this is too extreme, i think. i still cant determine whether or not the contact was intntional.

what should merit a suspension is lebron's reaction. that was a really bad acting job.

this series is just spiralling out of control, but thats what i love about it. hope it goes seven

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