Joey Dorsey

I know there are strong opinions on Roy Hibbert and anyone else the Wizards are potentially going to land. I saw Joey Dorsey's name come up quite a bit in a recent discussion about Hibbert.

Nobody has really mentioned that Joey Dorsey absolutely destroyed Hibbert when they played this year. I dont care who you are...if you are 7'2, there is no excuse to being dominated by a player who is 5-6 inches shorter than you.

Dorsey and Hibbert played essentially the same amount of minutes. They were mostly on the court at the same time. Here's how they fared against eachother.

                                     FG       FT    OFF  REB  PF    PTS   BLK
R. Hibbert, C    27     3-8       0-0     2       6        4       6       2
J. Dorsey, F      28     5-10    1-4      8      13      4       11     3

If you want to watch a big man with a sloppy afro get abused, then this is the game for you. Keep in mind that Joey Dorsey is probably the closest thing to a pro defender that Hibbert faced all year. I'll be fair and say that Dorsey is exceptional on defense and forced many players into nights like this, however, like I said before, Hibbert is 7'2 so he has no excuses.

The first thing that I noticed in the game was that Hibbert really cannot rebound. I wish there was a way that you could separate rebounds that simply fall to you and ones that you fight for. My opinion is that the best indicator of this would have to be offensive rebounds vs. defensive rebounds. Generally, I feel like offensive boards are much harder to come by, unless you are Moses Malone or Ricky Davis who intentionally miss close shots in order to get their own rebound. Getting offensive rebounds is indicative of hustle, desire, and instincts to know where the ball is going. The fact that Hibbert got beaten so bad in this area shows important differences between these two players.

In this game, Hibbert pulled down two offensive boards, both of which were his own missed lay-ups. Dorsey also pulled down two offensive rebounds from his own missed layups, but also grabbed 6 more on top of that. A lot of those boards came off of long range jump shots.

For all of you that play basketball, we know what happens when you are guarding someone who is taller than you. You usually end up hacking the living hell out of them. That bodes especially true for big men. How is it then, that Roy Hibbert - facing one of the most aggressive defenders in basketball...and a player with an astronomically high foul rate - lays an egg in terms of free throw attempts? Maybe it's just a fluke. Actually in the last 145 minutes that Hibbert played this season, including the tourney, Hibbert shot a grand total of 6 free throws.

That's the last 6 games of the year, the most important games of the year. A 7'2 starting center in a slow paced, half court offense should never average 1 free throw a game.

It helps if you watched the game, but I'd say this is going to be a pretty accurate picture of what you are going to get from each player in the pros. I predict  that each player in his prime will put up similar numbers at the next level.

I understand that this is one game. I also understand that he played very well against Greg Oden last year. This is just another reason to stay away from the guy. How can you be so effective against last years number one overall pick, yet get outplayed badly by Hamady N'Diaye of Rutgers? Hibbert is all over the map in terms of consistency which spells disaster for ANY college player's pro career, even more so for centers.

On the other hand, you know what you are going to get from Joey Dorsey...much like you know what you are going to get in Paul Millsap and Reggie Evans. Are we looking for either guy to start and give us 20 and 10? No way. What we do need is an athletic big man who can come off of the bench and grab boards and shut down the scrubs that typically come in and throw down career games (Zaza Pachulia anyone?). I mean there an easier lane to get into and score than the one at the Verizon Center?

There is nothing to develop in terms of Dorsey's rebounding and defensive game, it's all fine tuning from here. Let's not pretend he is going to develop a 15 foot jumper...he's going to be all dunks/boards/and blocks which is fine with me.

Hibbert on the other hand is a complete project, you would have to put in major work on every aspect of his game. Do we really have time for that? I'd rather spend time developing NY, Blatche, Pech, and Taser than investing our coaches time in trying to find out if we have the next Brendon Haywood on our hands.

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