Chris Wilcox Rumors

Just poking around ESPN, when I saw this one:

Ed Stefanski might consider making a run at the SuperSonics' Chris Wilcox. The 25-year-old Wilcox has good size (6-foot-10, 235 pounds), likes to play with his back to the basket -- the Sixers desperately need a low-post scorer -- and is heading into the final year of his contract (he'll earn $6.75 million).

Would Seattle be willing to take Utah's first-rounder for Wilcox?

I'm sorry, I know we've got a bunch of developing big men, but if we can get Wilcox for the 18th, I say do it.

Of course, this is counting on Sam Presti to be dumb enough to make that trade, so its probably not going to happen.

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