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The Future = Bright

Player A Player B
17.6 PP36 17.4
4.3 RP36 3.6
3.0 AP36 2.0
41.7 FG% 43.9
37.5 3P% 40.0
81.9 FT% 81.5
18.5 TOV% 15.0

During the off-season I like to use a lot of Player A vs. Player B analysis because I like using tables and I like building the suspense as everyone tries to figure out which player is which.

For the first installment, we've got two players per-36 stats stats from their rookie seasons.  I could've just stuck with their per game stats since Player A averaged 15.5 minutes per game and Player B averaged 15.4, but I didn't want to leave anything to chance.  Even though neither player got major minutes in their first season, they both were among the top rookies in their class, with Player A making the All-Rookie 2nd team, and Player B just missing the cut.

By now, you've probably deduced that Player B is The City, Nick Young.  But what about Player A?  After the jump, you'll find out rookie has player A's stats.

Is Player A Kevin Durant?  Nope. he only shot 28% from beyond the arc.

It's no JC Navarro is it?  No, he only averaged 15.2 points per 36, so it's not him.

Well, then who is it?  The rookie stats of Player A actually belong to this man:


(Player A is the guy on the right, just so there's no confusion.)

It's important to mention that Kobe was 18 when he was putting that rookie year together whereas Nick is currently 22, so Nick doesn't have quite the ceiling of the reigning MVP, but you can't help but be impressed by the numbers.  Even if he only pans out to be a weak man's Kobe, that's still a lot better than being the strong man equivalent of a lot of players in the NBA.