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No Your FanShots & FanPosts: 5/18/08

Here's some stuff to read up on while you try and figure out if anything can top this "There Can Only Be One" parody.

  • Let's kick things off with a little Top Ten list action.  The Wizards' website broke in down into moments 10-6 and the top 5, with the retirement of Earl Monroe's jersey number taking the top spot.  To be honest, the choice surprised me, but I can understand where some would see that as the top moment, since number retiring doesn't happen all too often in D.C.
  • For another perspective, here are Ivan's top ten moments from the season:

Butler's dunk on Kevin Martin was No. 1. Nick Young's dunk on LeBron was No. 2. Caron's game-winner in the playoffs is 3 following by Stevenson's game winner in New Orleans. At five, give me the win at Boston. At six, I'll take Haywood's classic response to LeBron James being a crybaby. At 7, I'll take the dunk Andres Nocioni threw down over Oleksiy Pecherov. When Chicago's game operations folks put a picture of Stewey from Family Guy over Pecherov's face on the replay, I lost it.

At 8, I'll go with the game itself and Butler's 40-point performace in Milwaukee on Jan. 27 (just an incredible game to see live). At 9, I'll go with two games in Miami when I got to watch the Heat dancers perform from only a few feet away. (The Miami Heat dancers: where amazing happens). And at 10, give me the Nov. 2 game in Boston when Kevin Garnett and the new-look Celtics made their first regular season appearance. Just a great atmosphere.