THE PERFECT SCENARIO... open for discussion

My homeboy Mikah came through the other day. A Spurs fan, he asked my opinion on whether or not we should trade Gilbert.  Now internally, I am still undecided about the move. But to non-Wizards fans? I shoot it down in a second. Reason being, they are asking because it's what the media suggested to them. They really have no idea the depths of both sides to the equation unless you watch this team on a regular basis like we do.

He offered up a couple players that I quickly said no to, then he brought up local hero, Kevin Durant (the OTHER KD from here... dammit ) Obviouosly the Sonics wouldn't trade him, but the question was more... would I take him. I debated and finally decided, that both KD and Caron are going to be 3's. I can't see KD ever getting enough weight on him to be a 4. Could Caron play the 2? Probably... but I don't think he'd be as effective without 2 guards on the floor with him.

He then asked me what I thought we were going to do in the draft... if I thought we would draft big man Roy Hibbert. Great, another player that I'm on the fence about.

And that's when the idea hit me. With the Sonics most likely ending up in OKC next season, I think they would be much better off working with a bonafied superstar, and the up and coming talent of KD and Jeff Green.


Wouldn't this trade make TONS of sense for both sides?


Washington trades Gilbert Arenas + #18 pick

Seattle trades Chris Wilcox, Nick Collison, and their #1 pick.


This trade could only be contigent on the one and only, Derrick Rose being available when the Sonics pick. I don't talk much college BB on here, but just know that I think Derrick Rose is an all-world talent.


Can you imagine adding Rose, Wilcox and Collison to the equation that we had the majority of the season? Wouldn't those three additions instantaneously make us a favorite in the East?

With 2007 salaries considered, the trade would work under salary cap guidelines, the Sonics would have a superstar veteran presence plus the 18th pick (which they could most likely use on Roy Hibbert. That would give them the DC summer league of Arenas, Green, Durant, Hibbert)




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