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All-Rookie Teams: Some old, Not enough Young


Yesterday the All-Rookie teams were announced and (again) Dominic McGuire was blackballed out of any votes.  That's the bad news, the good is that Nick Young was much closer to make the All-Rookie team than anyone on the team was to making the All-Defensive team.  Had he made it, he would've been the first Wizards to make it since Jarvis Hayes back in 2004.  Bonus points to whoever knows who was the last Wizard to make the team before Jarvis.  No cheating!

Nick didn't end up making either team, but he's still looking like a good pick from Ernie Grunfeld.  Just going on simple fact that the player taken 16th in the draft ended up 13th in the rookie voting speaks to the value of the pick.  It gets better when you realize that three of the rookies that got more votes (Jamario Moon, Luis Scola, and JC Navarro) weren't even taken in this year's draft, so you could say that the Wizards wound up with the 10th best rookie from the '07 class, based on the voting. However, I would be quick to mention that Greg Oden was out all season, so 11th would probably be a little more fair.

It'll still take a few more years before we can really evaluate whether taking Young was the best move, but the early returns are looking pretty good for the high-flyer.  Now if only we could get him in the dunk contest...