What do we trade the 18th pick for?

So Ernie Grunfeld has given clues that we'll be packaging away the 18th pick for a valuable player who can help this team improve.  Who do you guys think, if there is a trade, we'll trade for?



There is obviousely a need for a SF backup for Caron and a big time rebounding big man.  We've gone over potential free agent pickups but what players can we potentially trade for?

I expect us to make the deal with a rebuilding team seeking draft picks.  Teams like the Grizzlies, Timberwolves, Sonics, Heat, and Pacers will probably jump at this offer. All these teams have studs who could become Washington Wizards.

A guy who the Wizards should take a look at is Jermaine O'Neal.  A few yeras back this would sound completely ridiculous but his stock has flown down.  Indiana looks like they've decided to head in another direction and build around guys like Dunleavy, Tinsley, and Granger.  O'Neal is not the leader of that team anymore.  I understand that it will cost alot for a guy who's injury prone but he's not going to play superstar minutes like he's used to so he should be able to stay on the court for more games. 

Maybe I sound completely crazy, I think I'm onto something here.  This could be the Wizards oppurtunity to grab a valuable big.

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