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One more chance

A couple quick thoughts on the game, because I'm heading out the door.

  • Talk about taking charge.  That's the Caron we've all been waiting for this entire series.  He took a few bad shots, but we can live with that, because he's normally so efficient. 
  • Biggest stat of the game: Cleveland held only a 40-39 edge on the glass. 
  • Our guards deserve a ton of credit as well.  AD and Stevenson combined for 29 points tonight, and supplied all the complimentary scoring we needed.
  • We need more from Jamison and Haywood.  This was Brendan's worst game of the series.  He shot just 1-of-6 and had just five boards in 30 minutes.  Jamison, meanwhile, rebounded well, but has not done anything offensively.  He's trying to score in isolation too much instead of moving without the basketball.  Enough trying to post up Ben Wallace.  Cut into the middle and use your quickness.
  • I don't want to talk about Gilbert Arenas' absence.  Can't we accept a win without bringing the subject up.
  • Waiting For Next Year has a post criticizing Mike Brown's late-game play calls.  Funny how those same calls gave Cleveland the win in Game 4.  Brown deserves blame for the larger Cleveland offense, but this seems a bit unfair.