Great Article From Wilbon

My favorite part of the article was the quotes he got from Antawn:

"All the talk, all the silliness had gotten so much attention, it was time to just play ball," Jamison said. "We were down 3-1, on the brink of elimination, I just told them that all this talking was not making them look bad, it was making us look bad. We're a veteran team and it was time for us to start acting like it."

Asked if he and Butler were annoyed with DeShawn Stevenson and Gilbert Arenas doing so much talking in the time leading up to the series and early in the series, Jamison said it was a fair way to depict how the two felt. "We've got a lot of personalities on our team," he said. "Sometimes you can tame them, sometimes you can't. But this was out of hand. I told them: 'You can't get your point across through the media. You have to get your point across on the court.' That's what they were doing. They've been just staying quiet and playing. For Caron and myself, it was just difficult.

"Don't get me wrong, I love D-Steve and I love Gil, and I'll strap it up with them anytime. You have to have your teammates' backs, but what was going on was just nonsense. It had nothing to do with getting respect, because you can only do that by playing well and demonstrating professionalism. You make your noise that way."

 If the Wizards can respond to Antawn and Caron's leadership, this might just be a series again.

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