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THAT is why nobody wants to play us

109 points against the best defense in the league.  Six players in double figures, and two more with 9 and 8, respectively.  At least 25 points in every quarter.  A renewed fast break, thanks to Gil's presence, which by itself increases the offense's explosiveness.  A half-court offense that is impossible to jam (Boston did it for a stretch in the second quarter, but that was it).  A deep bench that now goes nine deep with solid players, thanks to Blatche's re-emergence.  

When our offense is on like that, there is nobody that can stop it.  Our bigs move too well without the ball for most frontlines to stop them.  Our guards (Stevenson and Mason) are too good at hitting open shots.  Our two warrior forwards are too versatile for anyone to defend, because they can go inside or outside.  Then, there's Gilbert, who gives us a guy who can create shots for himself and for others when anything breaks down, and simultaneously makes it so that we have that quick-strike ability.

This victory should eradicate any doubts over whether Gilbert could fit in to the so-called "new" offensive system.  Gilbert's no dummy.  He's played in the Princeton for four years, and he's seen how well this team executed its halfcourt offense.  Ever since the Milwaukee game, he's played under control, distributed the ball, and made everyone else happy.  When he gets his legs, the scoring will come.

The million dollar question is on the other end, but that's a post for another time.  For now, bask in a season series win of the undisputed best team in the regular season.