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No Your Links 4/9/08

You may have noticed that I haven't done as many link dumps in recent weeks.  If you're looking for one reason that I've cut back it's probably because TruthAboutIt absolutely kills it with his link posts (his last two are no exception) so there's not really a point in re-linking to stuff he covers better than I do.  Alas, some links can fall through the cracks from time to time, and that's where I come in:

  • It's still 10 days before the playoffs start, and LeBron already has his excuse prepared.  Awesome.
  • My Swog takes a look at the lineup for tomorrow night's game.  I'm trying not to say anything bad because I'm still very afraid that they can beat us throwing out their fourth stringers.
  • If poetry is your thing, you might want to check this out.
  • It looks like all hands should be on deck for tonight's game.  Except for Etan Thomas of course, who hasn't had hands all season.
  • A look back at the 2003-04 Wizards.
  • The Sacramento Bee had two articles on Wizards recently, one caught up with former Kings coach Eddie Jordan, and the other was a quick interview with Gilbert Arenas.
  • For some reason, I found this question from a Wizards Insider chat especially odd and enlightening:

    Oakton, VA: Ever thought about a follow up story on Jared Jeffries and how he feels about being in New York?

    Personally, I'm glad he left because I wasn't a fan of his game or production and it freed up cap and roster room. And yes, he is still getting his paychecks just like he would have here in DC. But I have to think part of him thinks twice about the decision he made.

    He is currently averaging 16 minutes and 3pts, 3 rebounds a game for one of the worst teams in the NBA.

    Ivan Carter: Jared lives for the offseason when he can go fishing. That's Jared. And no, he's not loving his Knick experience. Who would?

    That's right.  Jared Jeffries is an avid fisherman.  The more you know...
  • Finally, just in case you missed it, here's Andray Blatche Poseying the Bulls: