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Some things to keep in mind as you watch the tourney tonight

  • Brandon Rush, Chris Douglas-Roberts, and Darrell Arthur are all projected to be mid to late first round picks, which means that they could be players that Grunfeld might be looking at with that first round pick.  I think it's unlikely that he'd go for a swingman in back-to-back years and I doubt he'd want to add another PF into an already log-jammed position, but crazier things have happened.  DCPSR has a great roundup of mock drafts and which player each mock says the Wizards should take.  Probably the player I'd be happiest with right now is Darren Collison, even though Derrick Rose more or less dominated him on Saturday.
  • If Kansas wins tonight, Aldo's Bracket wins the Bullets Forever Pool.  If Memphis wins, I Got Nothin Here takes it.
  • Number of NCAA Championships won by current Wizards: 0
  • I don't know if it will affect your rooting preferences, but I think it's worth noting that Drew Gooden played at Kansas.  A win for the Jayhawks is a loss for beards everywhere.