Fire Eddie, Bring in Avery Johnson

Take that KDP!

Lets face it, before losing his team this year Avery was a great coach for the Mavs (he has an insane winning percentage).  I'm actually not entirely sure either Avery or D'Antoni would be an ideal fit for the Wizards, but then again, who is?


Pros: Inherited a good team and made them better, culminating in a trip to the NBA finals where he got killed by terrible officiating. Could do the same thing for us - we are an established team, while not as good as the Mavs under Nellie. Took an all-offense team and managed to make them play defense. Tough coach who wouldn't let Arenas run the show - a good thing, as I'm still not convinced EJ has any control over Agent Zero.

Cons: Completely lost his team this year, and that has to make you wonder. Two straight first round exits, we know what that feels like. Could completely clash with Arenas and ruin what is one of the better locker rooms in the league. Played with his lineups sometimes - would probably still play Songaila at center sometimes.


Pros: Nothing would make us more "Suns of the East" then getting the coach of the Suns. While EJ has the Princeton Offense, D'Antoni would make sure we played at an even faster pace and not get bogged down in the half court - which plays to our strengths. I think Blatche would really step up as an offensive force in his system.

Cons: More of the same - all offense, no defense. Doesn't play his bench at all, and we have some promising young players that need to be developed. Could be a lateral or even a backwards move - how would he fare without a PG like Nash? Would his system work with Arenas, who's more scorer than facilitator? Two words: Small Ball.

I'm not sure what the answer is here. If we do fire Eddie, we HAVE to look at these guys. (Assuming D'Antoni's gone.)

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