David Stern's double standard

I wasn't too surprised to learn that DeShawn Stevenson made the dreaded throat-slashing gesture during a Wiz-Cavs game (he's gotten carried away with the trash talk a little bit, IMO, and this falls in line with that), and it was no surprise at all that the NBA fined him (it seems a pretty standard practice). But I was VERY surprised to see the NBA repeatedly using the the throat-slashing gesture in its promos for tonight's game. There it was on NBA TV, a brief spot hyping Game 5 and showing DeShawn making a different gesture, then following up with the throat-slash.

I understand the point of discouraging the NBA's athletes from making such gestures. Kids watch these games and emulate their heroes on the court (I think there's also some gang connection to the gesture, but I'm so old and out of touch I'm not sure what it is). I wouldn't want either of my kids making that gesture on the court. But if the league banned the gesture because it wants to limit images of thuggishness and make the game more family-friendly, why in the world would they show it over and over in their promos? And if they are going to show it so much in an ad designed to attract viewers, how can they justify fining a player for it?


Doesn't make any sense to me, but neither does moving a team out of a cool city like Seattle for a dump like Oklahoma City, so what do I know?

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