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Open Thread: Playoff Game 4


The Essentials:
Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game 4 (Cavs up 2-1)
1 p.m. (That's 8 p.m. if you're in Israel.)

Key Links (drop any others in the comments)
This rivalry just keeps getting weirder and weirder.
Akron is hatin' on DC now.
Arenas will try to make a go of it today.
A nice profile on Haywood.

Today's Lines
Cavaliers at Wizards:
Wizards by 4
Over/Under on Total Points: 187

After all of the hijinks and craziness of the first three games, this is where the series takes a turn for the serious.  With each team trading beatdowns on each other, everyone's gotten their laughs and whatnot out and it's time to focus on the games, and it's a good time to do it, because like every best of seven, Game 4 is key.  If Cleveland wins they're only a game away from clinching, and if Washington evens it up, we've got a whole new series on our hands.  The team that can settle down and play their brand of basketball today will get the W and set the tone for the rest of the series.

I'm predicting a fairly even, defensive battle like Game 1, just with the Wizards pulling it out at the end.  If the Wizards can keep the focus on doing what they do and not getting caught up in trying to be something they're not, they should win today.

This is an open thread, so debate how bourgeois or un-bourgeois the dunk contest is here.