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Too mad to post

I have my requisite one-hour internet access now, but there's just nothing I can say that already hasn't been said.  What everyone is saying is true.  We're too close in talent to the Cavaliers to resort to the hard fouls and the LeBron Rules defense.  Offensively, we need to calm down and run our sets.  The fact that neither happened in a game that we really needed demonstrates that perhaps this isn't the team we thought they were.

I really thought this was the year we'd beat the Cavs, but frankly, I wouldn't be shocked if we were swept.  That loss was a backbreaker.  Hindsight is going to say that it was because of the pre-series trash talking, and I don't think that would be totally incorrect, but what this is really about is a team that forged a new identity, maintained it even as Gilbert Arenas came back, only to completely forget about it once it mattered.

I'm not pointing any fingers, and neither should anyone.  They all deserve the blame;  Arenas for trying to do too much, Caron for not doing enough, Haywood for his abhorrent flagrant foul, Stevenson for his tight play, and everyone else for their matador defense.  Singling anyone out misses the point.