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From bad to worse?

An update on Jamison and Stevenson's injuries from IC:

The loss was rough but the news afterward was worse. Antawn Jamison suffered a sprained right shoulder while diving into the stands to save that ball with less than two seconds remaining. He appeared to be in serious pain after the game but was in the trainer's room getting treatment so he did not speak to reporters. X-rays were done on his shoulder but the team did not reveal the results. We'll know more tomorrow but it didn't look too good.

DeShawn Stevenson sprained his left ankle on the same play and was helped off the court. He was limping afterward but said x-rays were negative. "It feels bad," Stevenson said. "I am going to ice it down and get treatment tomorrow. I am going to try to practice. If I can't, I'll just get some more ice. Hopefully, I can play in the next game."

I wouldn't count Stevenson out, he's made 243 straight starts for a reason.

A serious injury to Jamison kills us.  By nearly every measure, the dude has been our MVP, contributing defensively and on the glass with a zeal never before seen from him.  Oh, and he can score too.  

Back to paper writing, which has been increasingly delayed as I've dealt with this sucker punch loss.