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The Wizards by the numbers

As we get ready for the playoffs, it never hurts to remind ourselves who we have on the team.  It gives us a chance to look back to the regular season and evaluate the roster, plus it helps anyone hopping on our bandwagon an opportunity to get a quick recap of each player.

Each player's recap will have the same number of words as their jersey numbers.  Obviously this makes one player's recap impossible, but I think this wallpaper makes up for it.

#0 Gilbert Arenas - ...

#1 Nick Young - Raw.

#2 DeShawn Stevenson - Good defender.

#3 Caron Butler - Can't be stopped.

#4 Antawn Jamison - Consistent twenty and ten.

#5 Dominic McGuire - Does things well, except scoring.

#6 Antonio Daniels - Good passing disguises his flat shot.

#8 Roger Mason - What J.J. Redick wishes he could be like.

#9 Darius Songaila - Excellent low post passer. Won't win a dunk contest.

#14 Oleksiy Pecherov - The Ukranian import has a striking resemblance to Stewie, likes to shoot a lot.

#32 Andray Blatche - The Wizznutzz put it best when they said that Andray "couldnt be more skinny and bipolar if he was 6 OClock." Hopefully the lanky shotblocker can hold down the fort against Cleveland.

#33 Brendan Haywood - The center unaffectionately known as Brenda up until this season has come into his own this season, anchoring a slightly improved defense with his shot blocking and his ability to clear space rebounding.

#36 Etan Thomas -
The poet has been out all the season
But it's for an understandable reason
The sternum is healing
His dreads look appealing
He might not be playing
But his big ol' contract is still paying