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Game 82 Blog: Washington Wizards @ Orlando Magic

Quarter Three

9:58: DeShawn Stevenson is still getting PT and jacking threes (makes 1, misses 1).....makes you wonder why he's on the court. 49-46 Orlando.

Steve Buckhantz mentions that Brendan Haywood is glad that Larry Hughes and his Wizards knowledge no longer play for Cleveland. Phil Chenier, the voice of reason, points out that teams are scouting each other so much that it's not as great of a factor as people think. Exactly, you don't think that other teams know your plays? It's all about execution.

7:40: JJ Redick hits a deuce and then wipes his nose with his jersey because he's a little snot. 53-51 O-Town.

7:04: Andray Blatche gets an And1. Caps a 13-6 run in the 3rd, Wiz up 54-53....until Maurice Evans nails a trey.

3:05: Roger Mason answers a JJ Redick three. The only time UVA has ever answered Dook (ok, probably not true). 62-59 Magic.

2:46: Great. Just great....James Augustine is getting dunks on the Wiz. Carlos Arroyo with the nice set-up....he always seems to well against the the Wiz. Tonight is no exception as the Puerto Rican has seven assists so far. 64-59 Orlando.

2:16: Speaking of, Arroyo nails a corner trey after a pump fake on Roger Mason. 67-60 Magic.

0:49: Bogans and Gortat are running the pick-and-roll magic around McGuire and Pecherov. 69-60 Orlando.

0:25: Percherov tries to put on a dribbling display, doesn't work it up to Nick Young with shot-clock seconds ticking down and that fails to produce as well. After a good start to the 3rd period where the Wizards took a 54-53 lead, offensive ball movement really broke down. Wizards down 70-60 after three.

Quarter Four

9:30: While the Magic take a 16 point lead (76-60 on more Gortat).....

When you think about the dynamic of the Wizards locker room, it can really be that everyone seems to get along. Oh yea, the Etan-Haywood thing. Who knows about that? But looking at everyone else, it's nice to see the elders, even Gilbert Arenas the character, put the young kids under their wing, guiding them along and providing an example of good veteran leadership, mostly from the likes of Antonio Daniels and Antawn Jamison.

Some of this reflects in on the court play. Even though we have gunners, the ability to share really shows through, and I know that's indicative of Eddie Jordan's offense.

Now, the reserves need to just learn to play together more in terms of knowing how each other likes to receive the ball, among other court movement habits. Basically, I see a lot of steps in the right direction.

7:45: Speaking of....Nick Young hits a smooth jumper. And then Pecherov comes down to nail a trey. Let's get a nice comeback going. 80-67 Magic.

6:45: The Va-Jay-Jay hits a couple jumpers in a row....coming of ball screens just like college. 85-67 Orlando.

5:32: Andray Blatche with a quick and sweet pass to a cutting D-Mac under the hoop. I like that. 87-71 Magic.

3:59: And then the Magic had a 20 point lead, 91-71, and I found myself watching out of habit.

3:29: Nick Young bodies JJ Redick for a post turnaround but celebrates himself going down the court and doesn't even consider that Arroyo is running and feeding Gortat for the dunk. The Wizards are down 20, 93-73 and Gortat has 12, how about that?

Pay attention, that's all we're asking Nick.

2:54: Andray with a stop and pop in transition. This game has been a great boost for him heading into the playoffs. He just got a board so give him 20-11 for the game....4 assists too. D'oh! Andray also has 4 fouls per usual.

Not sure what I'm seeing...but they are showing a fat white dude who looks like he can be related to Stan Van Gundy in a t-shirt and shorts set which is Orlando Magic blue and covered with sequins, bedazzled, or whatever the hell that shiny crap is......dude is also running along the court, wearing a cape and slapping fives with the crowd.

0:00: And before I realize it, this game is over. Magic take it (sealed with a JJ trey...."great" a new career high for him with 18 points) 103-83 Orlando Magic.

See you in the funny pages.....I mean, playoffs.