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Get Your Popcorn Ready

(Scroll down for the game thread.  It's not a long journey. -Jake)

Regardless of what happens tonight, stay tuned for the postgame.  There could be some notable quotables:

DeShawn Stevenson is going to play tonight despite a painful lower back but that's nothing new. He also said that he's serious about getting Soulja Boy a courtside seat for games against Cleveland at Verizon Center in the first round. And, he said he's serious about putting Soulja Boy in one of his game jerseys.

"Oh, he's going to be there, watch," Stevenson said though he said it with a smirk that made it hard for me to tell if he was serious. I guess we'll have to wait and see. He also said that he'll have some "good stuff" for us after the game. My read: he's going to call LeBron James out some more.

This whole DeShawn-LeBron thing is slowly turning into Napoleon Dynamite: It's incredibly stupid, but you can't help but watch and be entertained by it.