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Just in case you forgot, DeShawn Stevenson is a very tough man

You can question his shot selection from time to time, you can question whether or not he should call people overrated, you can question his beard growing skills, and you can even question his 80's themed parties, but don't question his desire to play.  Just check out this report from Mike Jones (who!) before the Sixers game on Saturday:

Shooting guard DeShawn Stevenson suffered a bruised tailbone in [Friday] night's loss, but he's still playing tonight although he said it's "as sore as ever." In the locker room before the game he pulled on a pair of spandex shorts that had thigh and hip and tailbone pads inserted in them. It looked like something a football player would wear. Then he pulled his game shorts over them. There's basically nothing that can keep D-Steve out of a game. He played half a season with a torn meniscus in his knee three seasons ago.

After all that he goes out and puts up 19 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds in the biggest game of the season (to date).  Hopefully those padded spandex shorts are stretchy enough to fit his XL-sized cojones.  Also, can we get some of those rigged up for the rest of the team?  If it works for DeShawn, why not everyone else?

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