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Open thread: Regular season game 80

Ahhh!  Sorry guys, totally fell asleep on the long preview I promised.  

Needless to say, this game is as big as it gets this season.  A win means we essentially win the five spot, because Philly would be out by virtue of being down two games with two to play (and we have the tiebreaker).  A loss means we drop to sixth.


[UPDATE from TruthAboutIt - I was saving this for the game blog, but it's better served in the pre-game thread]

The Detroit game was the Detroit game. The Wizards players, coaches, fans, bloggers, turkeys, felines and baby mamas need to move it on along now. Needless to say, the key for tonight's game is energy. Hopefully the Wizards can start their own fire and the Verizon Center crowd will be added fuel. Philly is a team that doesn't always leave me with brotherly feelings.

  • Nov. 20, Game 10 - 116-101 Wizards over Sixers: Gilbert's 2nd missed game of the season…..remember when we thought it was just a precaution? On this night, the Wizards were hot, shooting 57% from the field. On the negative side, the Sixers out-scored the Wizards 33-18 in the 4th quarter, but still lost by 15. Sweet Lou Williams had one of his coming out parties with 25 off the bench.
  • Nov. 30, Game 16 - 85-84 Sixers over Wizards: The Wiz had the ball at the end of the game with 12 seconds left, but all they could manage was a wide open three miss from Nick Young. Yea, he was open…but you give yourself a better chance with something going towards the basket rather than long distance faith in the hands of a rookie. Stevenson was 4-14, Jamison was 6-21 and PG play was very poor as AD had 4 assists and 4 turnovers. In contrast, Andre Miller had 8 assists and 0 turnovers.
  • Feb. 5, Game 47 - 101-96 Sixers over Wizards: The Wizards were up 10 after 3 quarters. Caron re-aggravated his hip, limping to the locker room after 3 and not playing in the 4th. Basically, the Wizards folded hard under Philly backcourt pressure as the Sixers had a 17-0 mid-fourth-quarter run. Ideas for a "Jamison You're Next" t-shirt started floating around.

As I was typing this before the game, The Payback by James Brown was playing on my computer itunes…..let's hope that's a good sign.