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Open thread: Regular season game 79

For the record, I've been operating without the long previews because so many of the top teams aren't necessarily giving all their starters regular minutes.  When we play Philly tomorrow, though, the long preview will definitely return.

The big question for tonight is how much Gilbert plays.  He missed the Chicago game because it was the second game of a back-to-back, but I can't imagine the Wizards going into tomorrow's crucial game with the Sixers without Agent Zero.  If the same rules apply, that would mean he'd sit tonight, but I've heard nothing of the sort thus far.  Personally, I'd like to see him play 20 minutes in both games, because while we do need him for stretches, we also should preserve his health.

The other interesting thing about Arenas is his vow of silence.  Oh, he talked today on his blog, ripping Tom Knott (always fashionable) and gloating about the Wizards winning the season series over the Celtics just like he predicted (except he technically was 1-1 against them), but he said he's not speaking to reporters until next season.  You'd think that some reporter would step in and complain to the NBA, but considering the way the NBA let Michael Jordan do whatever he wanted here during his tenure, they'll probably do the same for Arenas.  More importantly, though, it's interesting to hear him talk about not messing up the team's rhythm and letting his game do the talking for him.  Either he's toning down his act permanently, or he's just throwing us another curveball.  It'll be interesting to see whether this affects his game much either way (my guess is no).

The other question is how long Detroit will rest their starters.  They've been doing a lot of that recently, but you have to think they'd want to get those guys in a rhythm before the playoffs.  Detroit Bad Boys says Rip will be back, so it should be a full cast of characters.  

Game's at 8.   Lines are the DEEEEEtroit Pistons by 4.5 and 189 on the total points.