Deshawn, I apologize

Its not quite year end report card time for our roster but I want to clear my conscience as soon as possible. I was against resigning Deshawn Stephenson. While I wasn't a Juan Carlos Navarro backer, I felt that we could replace Deshawn with a better shooting journeyman for cheaper. I was disappointed in the cost and length of Deshawn's new contract.


Deshawn is a good player who fits in well with this team. His 3 point shooting has been a revelation to me. And his play has been the key factor in turning a possible loss into a win in at least 5 or 6 games this year, with his 3 point shooting and/or defense.
Most importantly, the guy is a Professional. Like AD, Antawn, and Caron, he appears to take the game and his craft seriously. I love the toughness that he and AD bring to the court. Spraining his ankle yet not missing a game is macho. I love that he's challenging Lebron and Ray Allen. Its the kind of toughness that we've lacked in previous years. And his beard is twice as good as Drew Gooden's.
Deshawn, you're earning your money. Your contract is completely appropriate. Your contributions to this year's team have been huge.
I apologize and promise to sing your praises loudly in all future Wizards discussions.

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