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Vote vote vote

Hardwood Paroxysm, one of the best newish NBA blogs out there, is sponsoring the first-ever NBA Blogger Season Awards vote.

Bullets Forever has been nominated for Best Southeast Division blog, Eastern Conference blog, and Defensive Blog of the Year (for in-depth analysis).  You can also write in anyone you wish for any of the categories.

I hope you vote for Bullets Forever, obviously, but more importantly, I hope you vote for who you think is the best in each category.  There are so many great blogs besides this site out there that everyone should read if they want to become an even more educated NBA fan.  They all deserve recognition, and frankly, I don't think we necessarily need an award to validate our status anyway.

(But still, an award would be nice).

The ballot is here.  Be sure to vote.

On another note, just in time for the playoffs, Bullets Forever is scheduled to upgrade to the new SB Nation 2.0 platform next week (see Federal Baseball and Camden Chat).  In a word, the new platform is absolutely sick, and your user experience will be eons cooler than it is right now (and I venture to say it's cool now).  

Along those lines, in what might be the worst timing ever, I'm heading to Israel for 10 days, starting next Thursday, so I may not be posting as much in the first week of the playoffs.  Jake and Truth will be here though, and I will try to get computer access.