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The arrest was a joke, the beatdown wasn't

(If anyone was misled by today's April Fool's Joke, or if you just thought it was really dumb, I apologize.  At least you can be glad I didn't go with my original idea "BREAKING: Arenas involved in a automobile accident."  -Jake)

Box Score
Game Flow
Post Recap
Times Recap
Live Blog (look down, and someone get TAI a purple heart for making it through the game)
Wizards Insider.  Either Ivan thought the story was funny, or he's going to kill me when he returns from Utah.  Maybe both!
A great explanation of just how crazy last night's game was.
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My Utah Jazz Recap

Highest Plus/Minus: Oleksiy Pecherov(-19)
Lowest Plus/Minus: Roger Mason (-38)

Let's keep this one simple:

Injured Wizards team + Angry Jazz team = Profuse apologies

While the loss wasn't all too unexpected, I think this will be the game we look back on years from now and say it's where it all went downhill.  With Eddie Jordan getting fired, the team getting into a huge fight after the game, and then Pech getting arrested, it just doesn't look good for the rest of the season.  It gets really bad when you consider that we've got games against division leaders Miami and Milwaukee on the way later this week.