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Size Matters (unless it underperforms)

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Hardwood Paroxysm live-blog, it says it's for the Mavs-Warriors game, but there's some Wiz-Lakers thoughts as well.
Lakers Blog live-blogging of the game
Lakers Blog Recap

Highest Plus/Minus: Caron Butler & Antawn Jamison (+6)
Lowest Plus/Minus: Brendan Haywood & Nick Young (-11)

Unfortunately, I had work last night so I was only able to catch about 10 seconds of the game last night but at least I got to see the replays of Caron's epic three to tie the game and the adequate defensive job on the last possession to force OT.  I didn't really get to see anything else from the game, but there's still a lot from the game that can be talked about.

  • Caron's little huevo dance after hitting the game-tying shot was completely unexpected and totally awesome.  I can't seem to find a picture of Caron doing the dance, but you can see it near the end of this clip (via My Swog)
  • I'm not quite sure what Caron yelled after he hit that shot, but I'm pretty sure the last word rhymed with stitch.
  • Of course, Caron wasn't the only guy that had his massive huevos on display yesterday.  Ryan Zimmerman's 530 ft.* walk-off homer was epic in its own right.
  • Here's some great thoughts from the game from MikeMid and Pradamaster.
  • I have to say, I was genuinely shocked that Nick Young came out and dominated like he did.  I thought he was going to try and impress in front of the crowd and it would blow up in his face (like most attempts by 21 year olds to impress people) but it worked out.  Not only that, he ended up scoring more than Kobe did last night!  I bet he's getting ready to tape pictures of his face on all the Kobe posters in his room.
  • If front court plays like they did last night against Utah tonight, Carlos Boozer will go for 50 points and 25 rebounds*.
  • * - Rough estimate.