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Our long, local nightmare is nearing its end

Somewhere, Charlie Bell is wetting his pants:

The Washington Wizards announced that 3-time All-Star, Gilbert Arenas, has been cleared to return to practice.

While Arenas has been cleared by team doctors, the team has stated that they will continue to monitor his progress and there is no set date for his return. Although there has been no timetable set, Arenas stated that he will begin practicing with the team tomorrow.

"Right now I just need to get back on the floor. I will go through these practices and try to get a rhythm again. They cleared me to go out there and go full speed and I'm just going to try to take it slow."

Wizards Insider has more coverage of the news that's worth a read as always.

Obviously, this news doesn't mean he's going to be back tomorrow or anything, but it's a huuuuge step in the right direction.  Considering that it's been 11 months since a healthy Agent Zero has taken the court, you may have forgotten what he brings to the team.  Here's a little refresher (you've been warned):