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Kwame goes regicidal!

Hey guys, you might have noticed that I haven't posted much this week, and frankly, I have no clue as to why.  I haven't been any busier than normal, and I haven't been caught up in other stuff, it's just sometimes you just get into a funk.  Then there's other times where you get those funks so bad that you're only though for three days straight is "Hey, did you know Roger Mason could dunk in Israel?" kind of funks.  I'm still not sure that I'm really out of it, but I can at least link to some stuff while I'm trying to un-funk myself:

  • TruthAboutIt collects a bunch of quotes from the Northwest swing and takes a look into the Caron-Brandon Roy incident.
  • If you've been living in a cave like Sasquatch Eackles and you haven't seen these commercials watch them now.  Don't wait another minute.
  • Chuck Brown will be played at Nationals Park for every Nats' home run.  Easily the greatest karma-building decision in Nationals history.  While I'm thinking of it, does anyone else feel that Lastings Milledge could be baseball's equivalent to C-Webb?  They've both already had infamous rap hits, been traded early in their careers because they didn't fit in where they were drafted, and managed to make people salivate with their upside.
  • Finally, since the we're playing the Kings tonight, it worth bringing this silent clip out of the vault.  When the player stats come up, make sure you're at a place where your jaw won't get hurt from the drop it takes: