Obviously, with the way the Wiz play, the opponents on the schedule actually mean nothing. We've proven that it doesn't matter the name on the oppositions jersey, the only thing that matters is the effort that we put forth each night. I have to give credit to  Eddie (grudgingly lol), but his system is obviously one of the better ones in the league. The defense has improved, and the free throw shooting is worlds above where we could have even hoped after the abysmal year last season. Thanks Dave!!!!

But with these next three games against the West's third tier teams, and with Cleveland facing New Orleans, Detroit and red-hot Philly... it isn't all that far-fetched for us to enter Sunday night's game against the Lakers tied for 4th place.

I made a diary a few weeks back arguing over whether or not we should shoot for 5th place, because of the obvious ramifications for facing league darling LeBron in the first round. I think I still feel that way, however we are where we are  and I can never root for my squad to move backwards. So my focus has turned now to staying 'ahead' of Toronto, and seeing if we can catch Cleveland. At the very least, I'd rather face Orlando as a road dog then Cleveland. At the best, I'd rather have those first two games at Verizon Center instead of in that hell-hole of a city they call Cleveland, as well as a game 7. We will need every advantage possible in a matchup against the refs, i mean against the NBA, i mean against the Cavs.

Three weeks ago, I wanted to avoid 5th place, and I still do. Just with a different set of explanations behind it now.

GO WIZ! 4th or 6th!!!!!

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