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No Your Statlines

Dude, you're getting a Ledell.

Mr. I's latest Cardboard Icon got me thinking about BF's favorite curiosity again and now armed with my new favorite toy, I was able to dig up some old info on him.  All of these are new to me since I'm a whipper-snapper, so I'll start with the one that's probably the most well known and work my way towards obscurity.

First we start off with a quote regarding Ledell's incident with a Roman candle from Wes Unseld:

It was illegal, ill-advised and just plain stupid.
Burn! (No pun intended...well, maybe just a little)  When the guy that passed over Michael Redd for Mike Smith calls you stupid, you're pretty stupid.  (Sidenote: If you type in "Ledell candle" into Google, We Rite Goode is the first thing to come up.  No foolin'.)

Wes wasn't the only one that had to deal with Ledell's antics, just think how tough it was for his college coach:

A new coach's first priority is dealing with a returning star. Though Brandenburg recruited Dembo out of his own hometown of San Antonio, the coach was not always in sync with his prized player. Dembo, a 6'5", 215-pound forward, had a mind, not to mention a mouth, all his own. But Dees has been down that road before. New Orleans's Ledell Eackles would run beside the scorer's table during games, asking, "How many 'bounds I got?"

Winner!  I don't really get why he was so focused on rebounds though, I'd be checking my points totals if I was this unguardable:

When three solid independents (New Orleans, Southwestern Louisiana and Pan American) and three Southland schools with high hoop profiles (Lamar, Arkansas State and Louisiana Tech) succumbed to an urge to merge, the American South was born. Its winner won't get an automatic NCAA bid for three seasons, but that won't keep New Orleans out of the tournament. The Privateers' new coach, Art Tolis, once drove a car down the steps of the Superdome, and Ledell Eackles, star of the team's gutbucket backward low-five pregame intro routine, will drive up, around or through anything between him and the basket. Says Louisiana Tech guard Kelvin Lewis, "The CIA can't cover him."

How Bullets management decided that he wasn't worth two million per year in '92 is beyond me.  The man is worth his weight in (comedic) gold.