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No Your Links: 3/22/08

Here's some links to read up on while you try and figure out what the governor of California is doing in Florida.

  • First things first, let's talk about this whole LeBron vs. DeShawn feud.  First, DeShawn called LeBron overrated, and then LeBron came back by comparing him to Soulja Boy.  Then DeShawn came back with part 3 after the Orlando game:
    "I hope we play Cleveland," Stevenson said. "I'm going to get Soulja Boy courtside seats and have him wear a DeShawn Stevenson jersey. Maybe (James) can have Jay-Z there since LeBron's all on his (shorts) anyway."

     Stevenson wasn't done.
     "And tell LeBron to cut that beard off and stop copying me."

    So this little feud isn't going to end anytime soon.  As the feud continues develop, everyone is throwing their two cents in on the issue:
    • Matt Watson on FanHouse:
      I've always thought LBJ's sycophancy for Jay-Z was a bit embarrassing given his arrogance toward everyone else. And if he actually gets Soulja Boy in his jersey, well, double point DeShawn. The beauty of this feud is that it has to take place in the papers since Stevenson is so far out of LBJ's league talent-wise that no one in their right mind would expect it to be settled on the court.
    • Bethlehem Shoals at the Sporting Blog:
      I really wasn't that enthused about this story, and couldn't quite get why everyone else was. The daring it took to besmirch LeBron? A rough approximation of Arenas talking from his own silly putty throne? The facile pop culture comparison? No, it's far more serious than that. After consulting some scientists, I've determined that this one-sided beef could, in fact, quite possibly bring about the end of the world.
    • Dan Steinberg at DC Sports Bog:
      I went on a podcast this week saying I just don't want to go back to Cleveland for Part III of this playoff rivalry, because it's kind of played-out [Ed. note: Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?], but now I've officially changed my mind. Also, DeShawn Stevenson has officially gone off his rocker. Here are some people you don't repeatedly call out: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Kimbo Slice, LeBron James. But DeShawn never got that memo.
    Is there a part of me that's afraid that LeBron is going to go nuts and destroy the Wiz if they meet in a playoff series?  Of course there is, but you know I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.  The last match-up had a playoff-like atmosphere and it didn't seem to elevate LeBron's game to some unguardable level.  If DeShawn can play games with LeBron's head and trick him into doing things like giving away his late game plans, I say keep doing it.