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The Butler returns

Outstanding news on the injury front today.  As reported by both the Post and the Times, Caron Butler should be back in the lineup for tomorrow's game against the Cavaliers.

This also helps because Jamison (back) and AD (thumb) have been nursing minor injuries.  Any more help they get is a bonus, because even though Butler doesn't play their positions, we have enough multi-talented bench guys where one man's return increases the overall bench depth.

It'll be interesting to see whose minutes suffer the most with Butler's return.  Andray Blatche and Darius Songaila have been splitting the starting time with Butler sidelined, but after a nice stretch earlier, Songaila hasn't played all that amazingly.  He was pretty terrible against the Bucks yesterday, while Blatche was outstanding.  I'm hoping that Eddie elevates Blatche over Songaila, even though Songaila was the one starting most recently.  

The other interesting element is Pech, in the sense that Butler's return might mean that Blatche will go back to being the backup center, so that he and Songaila can both be on the floor.  That would drop Pech from the rotation, and while I'm not going to lose sleep over that prospect, I would like to see Pech continue to get some regular playing time.

But the rotation questions are all minor problems.  The most important thing is that our best player this season is finally coming back.