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The underlying story

Caron's comeback is awesome news, but I think one detail of the situation has been overlooked.  There's an interesting quote from Mike Jones' (who!) report which came from an exchange that started when one of the trainers exited the men's room and asked if anyone could take care of the "gift" that he left in there.  In response, Caron said:

"I will. I will flush it. I will go up and attack. But we'll just see how I feel tomorrow morning. Hopefully I feel the same way I do right now."
Then he stormed into the bathroom.  You can definitely see a little bit of bitterness coming from Tough Juice!  I'm starting think that maybe Caron is tired of dealing with all of this crap from the trainers.  

As of now, there's still no word on if the lingering struggle between the two will affect his birthday plans.