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Open thread: Regular season game 63

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No picture today, and no super-long preview, not only because we're talking about Milwaukee, but also because it's a Tuesday and Brandeis is still alive in the D3 Tournament, which makes newspaper duties particularly draining.

So you guys get the cliff-notes version.  Here goes.

Offensive ratings: Bucks: 106.5 (20th), Wizards: 108.9 (13th).
Defensive ratings: Bucks: 113.8 (30th), Wizards: 110.1 (23rd).
Pace: Bucks: 89.5 (19th), Wizards: 88.7 (24th).

Brew Hoop.
Brew Hoop's game preview.
An update on Caron.
Speaking of Caron, a positive report of his first practice.
Interesting article on Andrew Bogut and his inconsistency.

A diversion:

Today was deemed Kobe Bryant Day in the NBA blogosphere by Hardwood Paroxysm.  Even though LeBron has been better this year, we know Kobe is going to win the MVP this season, because it's historically been a lifetime achievement award (see Barkley in 93, Malone in 97, Robinson in 95, even Magic in 90 over Barkley).  Kobe deserved the award in 06 and perhaps in 03 as well.

Anyway, I'm pretty torn on Kobe.  My best friend at school is a huge Lakers fan, and he tells me every day that Kobe is better than MJ.  When I hear that, I laugh and wonder how quickly so many NBA fans today forget how good Jordan was.  But Kobe is undoubtedly the best since MJ, and he doesn't deserve the type of distain he receives.

So as my contribution, I want to remember this game, which I'm sad to say made me very happy because I was fed up with the MJ-era Wizards by this point.  He dropped 55 on the Wiz, showing everyone why he's such an incredible player.

Back to the game.

These two teams entered the year with similar agendas.  Both had excellent offenses, but sucked ass defensively.  This year, the Wizards have at least somewhat addressed the problem, while the Bucks have somehow become even worse.  That alone tells you why each team is where they are in the standings right now.

Lines are Wizards by 6.5 and 202 on the over/under.  

This is an open game thread, so debate whether Eric Murdock or Todd Day was a better obscure Milwaukee Buck.