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Behind every great man is a man of much less importance, but decent trade value

In the wake of the Pau Gasol trade, there's been people talking about the inclusion of Aaron McKie in the deal  The Lakers still had the rights to McKie, even though he wasn't actually playing for the team.  In fact, he was working as an assistant coach for the Sixers when the trade was announced.  As a result of this little oddity that was exposed in the trade, TrueHoop did some digging around on how something like this can happen, and how it could happen again.  It's a great read, and included in the article is a list of all the players that are currently out of the NBA that teams still hold rights to.  If you check out the list, you'll see that the Wizards still hold the rights to two players: Anthony Peeler and the leader of men, Chris Whitney.

Just something to keep in mind as we approach the trade deadline, though it should be noted that it will take a lot more than Chris Whitney and Anthony Peeler to make this trade workable.