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Open thread: Regular season game 58

Apologies for the lack of a comprehensive thread tonight.  I'm drowned in midterms this week, so there hasn't been much blogging time this week.  

Couple links first.  Ivan's article in the Post today is about Butler's injury, but there isn't much new to report.  He quotes an anonymous league source saying the Wizards are "optimistic" that Butler will be okay after he rests for an undisclosed amount of time.  Earth shattering.  For those who want to engage in a journalism ethics question, the Times hasn't run anything -- print or online -- about the Butler injury this week.  They've made the decision to wait on the information, while the Post is publishing anyway.  Interesting...

Speaking of the Times, Tom Knott came out with his yearly sky is falling column today, and as usual, it doesn't do much more than rehash old events in Knott's typical strange writing prose.  Whenever I read Knott, who certainly makes me chuckle, I'm reminded of Wizznutzz's line.

The Knotty One is our favorite writer and our biggest influence. He can turn a phrase and then turn it again and then onece again and then once more so that the rotisserie chicken ends up more like wild boar.

Anyway, we've got Chicago tonight, who has totally reinvented itself after the big trade with Cleveland.  This means the return of old friend Larry Hughes, who has actually played quite well with the Bulls, and Drew Gooden, he who is currently competing with DeShawn Stevenson in a beard-growing contest.  I'm worried about how we'll deal with their quick Tyrus Thomas/Joakim Noah frontcourt, and it's guys like Ben Gordon who always shred us.  Tonight should be interesting.  For more on the Bulls, go to Blogabull.

8 p.m. start, because we're in Chicago.  Lines are Bulls by 6 and 195.5 on the total points.

This is an open game thread, so root against the people's princess here.