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BREAKING: Caron situation gets even worse

Per usual, a minor injury turns into something a lot worse.

Washington Wizards all-star forward Caron Butler has a partial tear of a labrum in his left hip, the team announced Wednesday.

There's no update on a possible return date, and they'll reevaluate him next week after he misses the Chicago and New Orleans games Friday and Sunday, but my guess is the news won't be very good.  How bad, I don't know, but while I'm not a doctor, I'm usually pretty good at preparing for bad news.  This seems like one of those times.

I'll stop distressing now, because we really don't know, but I'm not a happy camper right now, to say the least.

Update [2008-2-28 14:46:16 by Pradamaster]: Ivan checks in again, and though he doesn't have an update, he does preach the need for caution.

For an example, google the name Mats Sundin.

He's a hockey player with the Maple Leafs. After last season, team exit exams revealed a torn labrum in his hip and not long after that, a report out of Toronto paper jumped the gun and said the injury would require surgery and could be career ending. As it turned out, Sundin, who played with the injury all of last season, never required surgery and has played all 65 games this season.

Now, I'm not saying the injuries are the same. Maybe Caron's situation is better, or worse. The point is that we don't know.

Meanwhile, Will Brinson from Fanhouse suggests the Wizards should hold Butler out for the season and not worry about how this season plays out. This sounds nice, but alas, they don't have the power to tell Gilbert not to opt out. It would be nice if things worked like that.

Honestly, I really wish the Wizards wouldn't have released this information until they knew how long he would be sidelined. What exactly does this press release tell anyone that they don't already know? And though I understand why Ivan decided to blog this story before he spoke with Caron, because of the 24-hour news cycle, I wonder whether it was really necessary to do so and subject so many readers to baseless speculation. It's a tough call, no doubt, but I probably would have waited to write anything until I knew Caron's timetable.

All this is a roundabout way in saying that I hope we'll get good news soon.

Update [2008-2-28 16:14:18 by JakeTheSnake] You can find out more about hip labrum tears here if you can keep up with all the big, fancy, medical words. If you're a little behind on your anatomy classes you can just take Shakira's advice. Whatever suits you best.