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No Your Links: 2/27/08

  • Everyone knows about Gilbert's blog by now (new post!) but did you know that Caron has a blog too?  Of course, with athlete blogs invariably come blogs about athletes who blog.  There's Gilbertology as you already know, and now there's also The Butler Did It.  Who will step up and create a blog for Oleksiy Pecherov???
  • Wizznutzz as always delivers the goods.  First, they dug up C-Webb's rap video and then they raise a stink over a recent Wizards' meet and greet.  If only everyone had a personal chef like Brendan's, events like that would be a thing of the past.
  • In a poll of All-Stars about who they would most like to see win a title other than themselves, Antawn Jamison voted for Kevin Garnett and Caron Butler went with Ray Allen.
  • DCPSR hands out some midseason report cards.
  • Round 7 of the Blogger MVP/ROY rankings are out.
  • Spencer Miller is only a high schooler, but if he wants to live up this scouting report, he's going to have to grow up quick:
    Miller has a very unorthodox, yet effective offensive game. He has an unconventional jump shot, almost flicking the ball from chest level on the side of his body, though he gets good lift off the floor on his jumper. However, his follow-through ends up in the correct position, with his index and middle finger point straight toward the basket. He gets the shot off quickly, surprising defenders by shooting unexpectedly. He has great range and connects on the 3-point shot consistently. He also has good quickness and can get to the basket, flicking shots up at awkward angles, which surprises defenders much in the same vein that Antawn Jamison does for the Washington Wizards in the NBA. Though small in stature, Miller has long arms and big hands, which means that he could grow more. He plays hard and competes on both ends of the court.
  • Finally, Michael Lee lets everyone in one what was behind the setback in Etan's rehab progress:
    McLean, Va.: Regarding Etan's practicing the other day -- was the shot he took from Haywood?

    Michael Lee: I believe that with all of the injuries the team has been hit with in recent weeks, the team desperately needed some bodies for practice and since Ivan was already there, well, you know ... I'm sorry. Bad joke.