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Open thread: Regular season game 53

Throwing this up before the game actually starts tonight.  I'll be watching while simultaneously giving the contest standings their long overdue update, as well as trying to squeeze in one more player evaluation for the day.  Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, and Brendan Haywood are already done, and I'm hoping to have one written for pretty much everyone by the end of the week.  Do check them out and comment, because there hasn't been much conversation on them.

Anyway, tonight's lines are Wizards by 6.5 and 195.5 on the over/under.  Unfortunately, Caron Butler is out again, which makes me angry, because there's no reason he should be out tonight.  One of these days, we need to talk about the ineptness of our medical staff.

This is an open game thread, so imagine Brendan Haywood shredding Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph on the glass here.