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This is absolutely hilarious as long as there's no truth to it.

Sam Smith has thrown out some crazy trade ideas before, but this just might top all of them:

The Lakers may not be done tinkering with their roster.

The word is they don't believe Odom can be that ultimate small forward to defend the wing and shoot from distance along the front line when Andrew Bynum returns.

The Lakers are said to be looking hard for a more traditional small forward with shooting range. Perhaps the Wizards' Caron Butler, who was injured and couldn't play in Sunday's All-Star Game.

Awesome!  I'd love to get a less motivated, less talented, older, more expensive version of the player I fleeced you for 4 years ago!  Where do I sign up?  

While I'm thinking of it, do you still have Kwame?  I'd love to have him back too.

Ernie Grunfeld

P.S. When are you going to get back to me on that Arenas for Coby Karl trade?  LOL!