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Antawn Jamison isn't you're average 30 something

Every team has those little quirks that are special to them and their fans.  It might be something that you can't notice unless you've followed the team for years, or it might be something that can be observed after only one viewing but can't be truly appreciated until you've really gotten a chance to watch it over an extended time.  For Wizards' fans, the quirk is Antawn Jamison's shot.  For me personally, there's always a rush of excitement when Jamison gets the ball in the low post because you never know what's going to happen.  Is he going for the scoop?  Will he try the leaner?  The ol' teardrop?  There's categories that you can classify his shots into, but he's not like Tim Duncan where you know whatever shot he ends up choosing will go through the same textbook process every single time.  With Jamison, every part of the shot is a variable subject to change depending on the situation: The release point, arm extension, deciding whether or not to draw a foul as he shoots, the arc of the ball, and whether he uses glass or not.  It's all up for grabs.  His shots are like snowflakes, you'll never find two that are the exactly the same.

I think Wizznutzz put it best when they said this:

Meantime Antwan "Antawn" Jamison is scoring for 2 men. Ive never seen such an amazing variety of looping layins: Runners, Floaters, Finger Rolls, Tear Drops, Giant Killers, Soft Bombs, Rainbow Pots, Chip Shots, Silver Horseshoes, Hanging Judges, Til Tuesdays, Tender Mercies, Creeping Cheesewheels, Raised Eyebrows, Drag Chutes, Broken Slinkys, Randy QBerts, Johnny Reboulets....
It's not just the shots that make him interesting to watch.  He has a thing for weird celebrations after big plays.  It's not something that you'd expect for someone that is universally considered a consummate professional, but he just has a thing for weird celebratory faces.  It might not always reach Soulja Boy proportions, but if you look for it, you'll always find him doing some goofy when something big happens.  Whenever it happens, I call it Carolina Face because Vince Carter and Brendan Haywood (both UNC alums, like Jamison) seem to react the same way.  Sometimes you can see it in Rasheed Wallace too, but normally he's in a category all to himself.

I bring this all up because over the last month or so I've been on a little project to try and document all of the crazy shots and his weird celebrations of this 30 something and bring it together into one place.  Coming off his All Star appearance last night, now seemed like as good of a time as any to debut it, so without further ado here's Antawn Jamison doing what he does best: