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No Your Links: 2/15/08

Here's some links to read up on while you play with your Buckhantz and Chenier bobbleheads...

  • Some interesting news to start things off: According to Rotoworld, Arenas said on Monday that he'll re-sign with the Wizards if they re-sign Jamison.  Not really a bombshell, but now it's officially official.
  • If you can believe it, DC Optimist gives everyone more reasons to root for the Wizards and manages to get at least one person on board.
  • With all the trades that have been going down (or were supposed to go down) recently, some of you might be wondering if the Wizards are going to be the next ones to pull a move.  All signs point to no.
  • Eddie, is it really a good idea to call one of your players "a Warrior" a day before they play against Golden State?
  • Brandon Roy got more votes than Caron Butler in the latest edition of the Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings and then he beat him in NBA Live.  Ouch.
  • My Swog sure took that Warriors loss well.  TAI was pretty upset about the Clippers win.  (Note the sarcastic dyslexia)
  • If the Rookie-Sophmore game gets too boring tonight, you can always check former Wizard Billy Thomas who's playing in the D-League All-Star Game, or make up for forgetting about Valentine's Day yesterday.  It's your choice.
  • Finally, here's a picture of the dynamic duo down in The Big Easy:

Considering that their outfits couldn't be more different, I'm betting someone told Antawn that this was going to be a casual photo shoot and then turned around and told Caron it was going to be a formal shoot.  When he tells everyone in his blog about it next week, you'll remember that I said this.