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Live Game 51 Blog: Washington Wizards @ Golden State Warriors

Start the show.

1st Quarter

The Wizards come out in black shoes……I like the look, a bonding thing? (They’re wearing the home-whites because the Warriors are retro.) Haywood knocks away a quick steal and Roger Mason goes down the court to hit a J.

11:08 - Andray Blatche with a smooth behind the back assist to BTH for a dunk. AB came close to a turnover under pressure from Golden State.

10:52 - What’s wrong with passing twice Andray? He handled the ball down the court, dribbling behind his back. Haywood was open under the basket but Blatche decided to take it right into a set Monta Ellis. Stupid charge.

9:32 - Very fast game, both teams are hot, 8-6 Wiz…Stephen Jackson with 2 threes…BTH continues his mid-ranginess on offense.

8:51 - Roger Mason is a decent defensive player. You never see him gambling much. He just stood his ground and stopped a moving and spinning Monta Ellis, the One-Man Fast Break.

8:11 - Roger Mason is becoming valuable. He has the confidence to knock down a 3 after he missed a shot and Jamison got an offensive rebound. 13-8 Wiz. Who was that guy we had before him? Oh yea….Donell Taylor. Forgot all about him. I think he’s playing in Greece.

7:53 – Blatche picks up his 2nd foul. It’s all about discipline. The first was that offensive foul and now, he’s going for junk ball fakes.

7:01 - Word is that Ed Tapscott has nominated the Lock Smith for All-Madden. I’ll take Roger Mason as a defensive back as he smartly gets back on D to pick off a G-State fastbreak attempt (after an S-Jack steal).

Wow, the Wizards are hot. They are everywhere on D….they’ve limited Warrior running the best one could expect and have absolved a few mistakes with hard work, like the Mason pass pickoff. Yes, the Wiz are knocking down 72.7% of their shots, but the attempts are also good looks.

6:07 - 22-10 lead, Haywood and Mason have 8 each….Don Nelson timeout. Beidrins checks in….I’m looking for Haywood to body him up.

5:30 - Mason doesn’t drive the gap hard. Rather, he goes to a soft spot on the floor. This open things for Jamison who nails a 3, And 1…..the 2nd foul on Baron Davis. 26-10. Please, let this be one of those nights where every ball bounces the way of the Wizards.

We know something’s good if D-Song comes to play….he checks in for BTH with 5:10 left so we will see.

4:57 - Jamison is up to his old tricks and flips, 10 points. 28-12. This is an unbelievable show for Washington. On the other hand…if Golden State is not running, they aren’t doing much in the half court.

Man….these Wizards can’t help but to bring a smile to my face. GS timeout, 30-12 Wizards…and there’s still 4:10 left. Oakland is on the verge of riots.

3:20 - Nick Young comes in forcing the issue. A fade-away miss and then a slip on a baseline drive results in a turnover. His pride is a little hurt on the floor.

2:54 - There he go…D-Song sinks an impossible jumper over Biedrins with the shot clock running down. 32-13.

2:33 - Eddie Jordan takes a timeout to ensure his young team keeps their composure with the 19 point lead. There’s been a couple snafus on offense, but the Warriors have been unable take advantage on their end. 32-13 Wizards. This just might be the longest first quarter ever.

1:45 – Baron Davis just walked himself to an assist. My neighbors are wondering why I’m yelling….I thought the refs were cutting down on obscene traveling.

The Lock Smith is playing like a half-back while he has a volleyball knee. Mr. 219 (consecutive starts)

1:09 - Monta Ellis with a "How the hell did he get through there?" move….wicked stuff.

Steve Buck is on board, why aren’t you? Say it: "Roger Mason is someone the Wizards can count on."

The Warriors gain 4 after Eddie’s timeout….should he have taken it when they had momentum? Still, 37-22 is very nice. Hope they got that conditioning tonight. You with it Drew Cleary?

Mason 13, Jamison 10, Haywood 8.

2nd Quarter

11:21 - Biedrins’ FT attempt makes Bill Cartwright look like Ray Allen.

11:02 - Roger Mason does the "little" things…..Monta on break, Roger made sure he missed the attempt. Ellis ends up missing both FTs….good foul son!

10:25 – The first sign of the Wiz falling asleep as they let Monta Ellis get an o-bound and dunk with 4 Wiz in the lane. 37-26 DC.

10:00 - Mr. 85 (threes on the year) knocks one down.

9:29 - Roger Mason in the zone….ok, I’m waiting for a heat check shot. 42-28 Wizards.

9:04 - Now DeShawn Stevenson hits his 2nd 3 in a row….unbelievable how this entire team is clicking….back down the court, Stevenson beats Mason with a heat check 3 of his own. I can’t blame him for that….it’s that kind of night, sometimes you gotta let the magic fly. Wait....not you Nick Young.

The best thing about these young players playing hard and well is that they are gaining the trust of the vets on the bench, Caron, Antonio and Gilbert. This will go a long way towards making the team a more cohesive unit.

8:00 – The Wiz put pressure on the Warriors in the back court. Good Coaching: Eddie knows that his team cannot be complacent. Once they try to hold onto the lead, the Warriors will come back. To win the game, they need to keep playing their style and keep the pressure on Golden State to perform.

6:15 - Lock Smith beat down…..another 3 – 54-37, 13 for DeShawn.

5:33 - Blatche tries to take a charge on Monta Ellis, but picks up his 3rd foul 12 seconds after checking in……yea, go sit back down buddy. Monta took an amazing spill of which Antonio Daniels should be proud.

5:12 – Brendan Haywood with an offensive rebound. As he tried to gain his balance, Mickaël Piétrus just started wacking away at him…..1, 2, and gets him really hard a 3rd time. Completely unnecessary.

4:43 - Whoa….Brendan Todd with a sweeping hook…PAAtrick UUUwing! (in Marv Albert’s voice) – Washington is up 20 and Haywood is owning Biedrins.

4:20 - RMJ TRIPLE!!! 18 points for him, 64-41…Still 4:10 left! Didn’t I say that in the first quarter? This is insane.

0:50 - Stevenson….guarded close after he picks up his dribble….seems to lose his balance from my end….for some reason, he just threw the ball in the air (a shot that should’ve drawn a foul in his opinion). It was a good no call by the ref, but the Lock Smith couldn’t lock his mouth…he gets a tech.

0:19 - Just when you thought the Warriors were turning the tide: Washington lead down to 14 points…rallying Oakland fans……Roger Mason nails a three. 72-55 Wizards.

Oh What A Half! Are you kidding me?

Top Keys to the First Half:

  1. Washington has 15. Assists on 23 FG (54.8%) – Warriors above 50% too.
  2. 17-19 on FTs for DC.
  3. Wiz out-rebounding Warriors 22-17.
  4. 17 Washington points off turnovers (only 3 for GS) – 9 steals for Wiz
  5. The Fantastic Four (Mason 21, Jamison 17, Haywood 18 & Stevenson 14) cover all but 2 of the team’s first half points.

Second Half Keys:

  1. Keep going hard.
  2. Keep the Golden State fans quiet.
  3. An Andray Blatche sighting.
  4. Don’t gamble with Golden State

3rd Quarter

11:03 - Matt Barnes trying to throw his tats at Blatche….something’s wrong with that dude's hair-cut. It looks like it came from a stencil.

Crap….the Wizards can’t hit shit to start….the lead down to 13, 72-59. Now the Warriors are the team with active hands….and with a Boom Dizzle Triple, the Wiz lead is 10.

9:08 - Blatche gets his first points of the game with a fast break stuff, 4 point Wiz run. Good to see him working after a slow start. 76-62 Washington.

8:19 - OH man….Chris Webber is out there straight old man style. Huffing and puffing. Committing reaching fouls. Headband discombobulated on the dome.

7:40 – Don’t like a mechanical post up fade attempt from Roger Mason. C’mon Cap’n, you’re not Kobe.

6:51 - Yup, C-Webb’s jumper is getting uglier with age. I don’t know if running the offense through him in the high post is working for Golden State.

Caron Butler….suited and strawed on the bench. That’s quite a habit.

5:15 - Mason Junior continues hotness.. 10-14 on the field, 84-72 Wizards.

4:28 - Nick Young hasn’t seen much time tonight……when he’s hot, you gotta go with….ROGER MASON…who gets a very tough reverse lay-in. Eddie Jordan was trying to call a play, NOPE! Roger ignores him and goes right past the realxing D to the hoop. 86-74 Wizards.

3:27 – AJ is knocking fools off him for a rebound like a super man that ho. Wait, that doesn't make sense.

2:58 - City is in game, let’s see what he can do.

1:47 - A couple calls don’t go the Wiz way…no whistle on a D-Song miss and Young gets checked, just a lil’ bit, out of bounds, another no-call. Warriors cut it to 8, 88-80.

1:27 - Not much is going on with the offense…until Nick Young breaks his seal with a step-back. He definitely has the ability manufacture a point or two.

0:00 - Wow…..just….wow. Stevenson trying to do something against Boom Dizzle….couple strong guards bodying each other up. The Lock Smith hits BD with a wicked cross over to the left…fakes himself out because he loses the ball, but somehow gets a pass to Dominic McGuire on the wing who sings the gospel with his prayer…the first 3 pointer of his career at the buzzer. BIG. 95-84 Wizards.

4th Quarter

11:16 - And just like that, the Washington lead is 7…..chip, chip, chipping away.

10:25 - I never thought I would take comfort in the phrase: "Roger Mason set to check back in for Washington."

9:48 - When the shots aren’t falling, look to Andray Blatche with an offensive rebound and put-back. Hanging on at 99-92. But the Golden State offense has really ignited, and the basket is not as big for Washington as it was in the first half. There's lot of contention on calls from the refs from both benches.

8:15 - Aaaannnd score the field goal! Nick Young with a basket and foul…the look on Baron Davis’ face says it all…’That dude just hit that shot?’ 103-94 Wiz.

7:36 - Nick Young gets the veteran Baron Davis with a trick of his own….a charge.

7:27 - Roger Mason is trying to force it, turnover. I'm pretty sure Don Nelson warned his team that he didn’t want to hear anymore from RMJ…103-94 Wiz.

6:57 - Young goes from wreck-less to spectacular in the blink of an eye…lay-up.

6:28 - But Bean Burrito is starting to take over on offense. 9 points and a driving pull-up jumper. 107-97.

They don’t see each other every day….I wonder if DeShawn or Gooden cheat by trimming their beards. If I’m not mistaken, it’s not the longest beard, but who shaves first.

3:40 - Nutty Sequence…Nick Young draws contact, throws up a crazy shot, no call, and falls to the ground. He gets the rebound while on his butt, and gets the ball to Jamison for a hoop. Monta Ellis scores in 6 seconds. Golden State always has an answer. 111-105 Wizards.

3:09 – Blatche gets a put-back off a Jamison miss. Stephen Jackson scores in about 10 seconds, 30 points for him. 113-107 Wizards.

Steve Buckhantz can’t believe the contact not being called when the Wizards are going to the basket. Evidently, the refs stopped calling an even game on both ends.

2:03 - The Warriors are just running high octane on everything….only a 2 point Wizard lead, 113-111.

Simply put, there as been too much 1 on 1 offense for the Wizards…mostly Nick Young, some DeShawn Stevenson, Where’s Haywood? He has 20 points, but hasn’t scored since 8:11 left in the 3rd. The teams proceed to trade a couple misses in the next 60 seconds.

1:06 – Still 113-111, it’s a dog fight for the ball every time down the court. The television doesn’t do the intensity justice.

I put my head in my hands as Stevenson tries to drive right in between two defenders putting pressure on the Wiz in the back court. I’m not sure why DeShawn was in such a hurry, and why he felt like he had to split the double-team like that.

Stephen Jackson makes 1 FT….Golden State down one. He misses the second but the Warriors get the rebound, the Wizards lose track of Jackson and he hits a 3 pointer, 115-113 Golden State. Oh, the horror. I hate that constantly whining S.O.B. – 10-0 Warrior Run. Scott Van Pelt wants a fight.

I ask again, what happened to Brendan Haywood? He checked out with 4:51 left and we haven’t heard from him since. You’d think his good big man FTs shooting would keep him around in the least.

0:43 - Guess Nick Young wants to take every shot. He’s only missed four shots, committed 3 fouls and made 2 FTs since he last made a field goal with 6:28 left.

AB’s body language says it all as Stephen Jackass hits 2 FTs to put the Warriors up 117-113 with 22.6 left. This doesn’t feel good….too many expletives.

The Wizards hang around…..but don’t have the gas left as DeShawn misses at 3 at the buzzer that would have tied the game.

120-117 Golden State is the final. Stephen Jackson killed with 41 points, 16 in the final 7 minutes. Nick Young definitely provided a spark off the bench scoring 7 points during an 2 minute stretch in the middle of the 4th. But towards the end, he reminded us all that he’s just a rookie. The Wizard offense broke down because he was trying to do too much without keeping his composure. No surprise that Young’s plus/minus is -20, while Haywood is +14. Go figure.

I’m definitely not in a position to question coaching decisions….so I’m won't. This is just upsetting; close to being worse than blowout losses to Cleveland and Toronto, although I’m still not sure. This is the one time (in this injury riddled situation) that you don’t care about the effort, just the outcome. While the players can go to the locker room with their heads high, knowing they gave it their all for the most part…..what do you tell them knowing their all was for nothing? The only thing they get is a big L in the loss column. Yea, yea, we all heard Eddie say before the game that there is no losing streak, only a focus on that day’s game….blah, blah…We can only hope that a better times for the Wiz are around the corner. And hey, it could always be worse, right?

Maybe it's time for me to take a hiatus. In fact, I will....but this one was already planned. I'm off to South America for a couple weeks so the live game blog (every other game) won't be back on Bullets Forever until March. I'll have some friends trying to cover for me on my site, Check it out if you'd like. Peace.


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