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Sadly, there's no W in "Good Effort"

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Highest Plus/Minus: Andray Blatche (+3)
Lowest Plus/Minus: Darius Songaila (-8)

There wasn't any one point from last night's game that warranted a whole post (read: I'm rushing to get this done so I can get to tonight's game thread), so I'm opting for a bulleted recap of last night's game.

  • I think I saw this script last year.  Arenas and Butler go down, the rest of the team steps up and fights to the finish, but they just can't seem to pull it out at the end.  For all the flack that Eddie gets sometimes, give him credit for being able to get the most out of the team when the big guns go down.
  • How was Andray's slam on Brian Skinner and Amare only eighth on the NBATV Top 10 last night?
  • Not to take anything away from the performance last night, but if Leandro Barbosa hadn't been battling the flu it wouldn't have been nearly as close.  Then again I'd let the Suns have Leandro if we could have Gilbert or Caron back.
  • Give some props to Stevenson for sticking it out with a sore left knee last night.
  • As far as the Rookie Tour goes: I was impressed with the D-Mac last night, a pair of points, a pair of rebounds, and a pair of blocks in 6 minutes of play.  Had he played the whole game he would've been on pace for 16 in each category (I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin').  Nick Young did alright last night too.  Sure, there were some instances where he got caught up in the pace of the game and he forced some things in transition, but all in all I thought he did a pretty good job all things considered.
  • Playing a back to back on the road against Phoenix and Golden State?  That's just cruel.