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Goodbye 2008, hello 2009

Every time I think of something clever to write for a New Year's post, I decide at the last minute that it's either cliche or has already been done by other blogs.  So if you came here expecting some sort of New Year's Resolution post, I'm sorry to disappoint.  Truth be told, resolutions shouldn't just happen at the New Year anyway. 

But since we are ushering out 2008, here's a look back at some of the highlights of the year, both for the Wizards and for the site itself.  Enjoy and I hope everyone has a happy 2009!


10 - The Wizards are surviving without Gilbert Arenas, and in the neverending quest to find a reason, I write a post proclaiming Brendan Haywood as the second-best center in the Eastern Conference.  Nearly one year later, we're missing him dearly.

14 - The Wizards complete an improbable home and home sweep of the mighty Boston Celtics, beating them in Boston 88-83.  Caron Butler led the way, pwning (I can't believe I used that verb) Paul Pierce down the stretch.  A slightly hyperbolic Jake refers to the moment as the "greatest win in the history of Bullets Forever."

23 - It's mid-January, we're playing great ball and somehow our defense is in the middle half of the league.  I say I'm confident our defense would continue at the level it was playing.  It didn't.

27 - Not only do the Wizards somehow blow an 11-point fourth-quarter lead in a shocking three-point overtime loss to the lowly Bucks, but Caron Butler develops a hip flexor, eventually sits out 22 games and is never the same player the rest of the season. 

31 - Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison both make the all-star team.  Caron doesn't play.  Antawn plays and barely does nothing. 


11 - After an agonizing 120-117 loss to Golden State without Caron Butler, we present the new Jordan Rules

22 - We lose 90-89 to a Cleveland team dressing seven guys after making the big trade with Chicago.  I whine that we're feeling sorry for ourselves

 25 - 33 points from DeShawn Stevenson, including a game-winning stepback three at the buzzer, lead the Butler-less Wizards to an improbable 95-92 win over streaking New Orleans.


4 - Crank Dat Stewie Boy.

12 - Remember when we used to praise Ernie Grunfeld for keeping DeShawn Stevenson?  That was only nine months ago.

14 - After the Wiz won a tight one 101-99 against Cleveland on national TV, DeShawn Stevenson decides to call LeBron James "overrated."  This sets the stage for the first-round playoff series. 

19 - Annoyed with Gilbert Arenas' lagging return from injury, I implore the dude to "just play already."


2 - Gilbert Arenas comes back unannounced (though cuppettcj and se7en called it), but the Wiz lose to Milwaukee 110-109 when Gilbert's man, Ramon Sessions, hits a game-winning shot.   

7 - Jake writes a post explaining the uniqueness of Antawn Jamison's 20/10 season

9 - We complete a 3-1 record over the World Champion Celtics with a 14-point win in DC.  Regular posters spar with David Friedman about Arenas ... again. 

15 - As the playoff series vs. Cleveland nears, we remind everyone that the off-court stuff is really not going to decide the series

17 - I predict the Wizards in six games.  Obviously, we end up losing in six games. 

30 - Caron Butler's game-winner gives the Wizards a shocking Game 5 win to extend the series.  Of course, after the game, Darius Songaila got suspended.  Here's why he shouldn't have. 


2 - Cavs knock out the Wizards in Game 6.  A good season comes to an end.

22 - I get annoyed at Ernie Grunfeld's strategy of mid-level contracts.   

26 - Could Caron Butler dunk on a bear?


5 - Andray Blatche is arrested for driving with a suspended licenseWe overreact

20 - The genius of Sr. Prolopo and how we keep failing to find it. 

26 - We draft JaVale McGee and sell the pick that became Bill Walker.  I hate it.  I like it a little more now. 

30 - Antawn Jamison re-signs for four years and 50 millionReaction is mixed.


4 - Gilbert Arenas re-signs for six years and 111 million.  This place becomes crazy with reactions.  I decide the risk is worth it

8 - Roger Mason signs with San Antonio.  At the time, I support letting him leave.  Of course, that assumed Gilbert would be healthy again. 

15 - I track JaVale McGee's defense in the first Summer League game and conclude that it's beyond awful.  A firestorm ensues. 

31 - Nine potential trades to make in 2010.  Most won't work anymore. 


All month - BF members contribute write-ups of some of the great Bullet curiosities of yesteryear.  All were excellent.


17 - Gilbert Arenas announces he's having yet another surgery on his knee, and supposidely he's out for the first month of the year.  It's January and he's still not back.  Not enthused

23 - The Wiz sign local hero Juan DixonI'm not enthused.  A month of DerMarr Johnson/Juan Dixon debate ensues. 


7 - The day of depression.  First, Brendan Haywood hurts his wrist and announces he's out for basically the entire year.  Then, Antawn Jamison gets hurt too.  Antawn turns out okay, but man, bad karma.

25 - BF's season preview.  We all predict around 40 wins.  We all look silly.  (By we all, I mean Jake, Truth and I) 


Too depressing.  We start 6-24.  Next year will be different.  No dwelling!