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Charlotte Bobcats 80, Washington Wizards 72

The score kind of tells the story in this one.  I haven't seen too many uglier games in my NBA-watching liftetime. 

I'd say more but I'm traveling today.  Perhaps I'll be able to provide a more detailed recap when I get in.

UPDATE: Alright, I'll provide some bullets.

  • There was lots of talk about how pathetic it was that the Wizards were outrebounded by 11 against supposedly one of the worst rebounding teams in the league (by per-game numbers).  But we all know how misleading those are (Charlotte's middle of the pack in both offensive and defensive rebounding), and in truth, they had more missed shots to grab than we did.
  • That said, we were just destroyed inside.  We badly missed Brendan Haywood, who, for all his defensive skills, is underrated in establishing some sort of presence in the paint.  In his absence, Andray Blatche and Darius Songaila both struggled with Emeka Okafor, and all we did was shoot jumpers.
  •  These are the types of games where you appreciate Caron Butler's skills.  Of course, they also remind you how little of a difference there is between him having a good and bad game.  He was hitting his tough jumpers tonight, which doesn't always happen. 
  • Terrible, terrible game for Antawn Jamison.  I'm willing to excuse Blatche's poor shooting because he at least rebounded, but Jamison didn't even do that.  He's the only guy on the team that has a semblance of a post game and he did nothing to exploit that against the mediocre Boris Diaw.  I'm really disappointed about that, considering Ed Tapscott's been stressing the need to go to the basket.  Antawn is the damn captain, after all.
  • My biggest fears were realized with the Dominic McGuire starting experience.  He made a bunch of energy plays, didn't screw up and such, but we basically played 4 on 5 with him out there and couldn't score.  He gets no blame, yet I wonder whether we made the right call.  Of course, Nick Young wasn't much better, but we've invested more in him developing into a complete player.  He can never realize that playing with no scorers on the second unit. 
  •  I still can't believe we lost to that Charlotte team.  Raymond Felton is erratic, Gerald Wallace is passive under Larry Brown, Raja Bell hasn't been good in two years and Boris Diaw is Derrick McKey reincarnated.  Only Okafor saves this team from complete disaster, and he's best served to be Buck Williams on a good team.  That game was very, very winnable.